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News - April  27, 2010

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One of our favorite success stories wants to
help us create MORE success stories....

Peter has shot with the famous photographer
Bruce Weber, walked the runway
for the equally famous Michael Maddox,
And although he prefers to stay in the Madison
area now a days, he continues as one of our
most requested male faces from clients
in EVERY corner of the world....

       It was about four years ago that I walked into The Rock Agency for the first time with a stomach full of $4.99 all you can eat Chinese food from Yummy buffet located just around the corner from the agency. A small eatery that I had visited frequently. It was upon being asked to take my shirt off in order to take Polaroidís that I realized that just because the sign had said ďall you can eatĒ it didnít mean that I had to take it seriously. Letís just say that the pictures were less than impressive. I wasnít exactly sporting the typical rock hard six pack model abs.
     Thus was the beginning of my 2 year long struggle with weight and health. Diet after fad diet, workout routine after failed workout routine. I was constantly trying new things, with more frustration and stress then results. Life became a miserable cycle. I began losing weight by simply not eating, dropping from 200 pounds to 170 in a single year. But along with the weight went my energy, strength and physique. I was at my wits end, the very bottom. I was booking no jobs, I had no energy to do the regular physical activities that I loved, and I was constantly stressed and miserable. It took reaching what I felt was the very bottom for me to realize that it was time for me to make a change. I was asked to take my chances by traveling to Europe to get some modeling experience and vowed to make a change while I was there. I loaded up on every book article and magazine that I could find pertaining to nutrition and fitness and for three months all I did was read. My studies turned into a passion and my passion turned into a drive to learn more.
     Upon returning from Europe I enrolled in the Dietetic Technician Program at MATC and began classes that fall. It has been two years and I can now say that I am officially a nutrition expert. I have read the texts, written my reports, done hours of research and put myself through constant experimentation. I am in the best shape and health of my life and am now booking more jobs than ever before. But most importantly, I am happy. All of my hard work and dedication has finally paid off to where I am now able to share my knowledge with you.
     I would like to extend to you the opportunity to experience the benefits that took me so long to discover by offering you the chance to meet with myself as well as the certified personal trainers at Orange Shoe Personal Fitness for a one on one fitness and nutrition counseling. Specific workouts and diet plans will be discussed that cater directly to you. Get rid of the confusion, get rid of the stress. Let us teach you and work with you to help you to get into the best shape of your life. I know firsthand what itís like to be a model and actor, Iíve seen what the big clients are looking for and I, along with my coworkers know what it will take to get you there.

Contact me directly at: or on my
 personal cell 608-334-8216

You can also contact Lauren Birkel (owner) at: or 608-203-5169


Wish Them LUCK!!!
These two beauties are headed to Paris next week to meet with agencies from Europe and Asia at the european model showcase.
They will spend this summer modeling and return to the states in time for school in the fall!


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