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News - August, 2010

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Our favorite LA Photographer Jae Feinberg has published the Second edition of her SHOT book! Four Rock Agency talent grace the pages!
Click here to see a preview of the book.

Congratulations to: Savka, Nyomi, Nick, and Gracie you guys look FABULOUS!!!!!!

Note to the rest of you...It sounds like she is going to continue this tradition...look for the next addition to contain models from her last shoot here in Madison!

Business is hoppin' here in the Midwest market despite the economy. We have a steady group of clients who have continued to advertise and have continued to hire our Models and Actors. We are incredibly thankful for that.

     What we have seen take place is clients are taking fewer risks on hiring 'green' talent. In other words, the quality of a model's portfolio and an actor's resume has become vital! Clients, now more than ever, want to hire the model with the most photos in her portfolio or the actor with the most credits on his resume. So if you haven't been getting as much work as you had hoped for, take a look at the marketing materials that you have given your agency and compare them to all the other talent that are your 'competition.' Remember, you are not just competing against  the others at The Rock Agency, you are competing with the entire talent pool in the US. Our top clients are booking not only from The Rock Agency, but from LA, NY, Chicago, Atlanta and Miami as well.

     A perfect example: pick up the latest Kohl's will see Rock models and... right next to them you will see Britney Spears! This is not a company that needs to take chances on an unproven model. They are choosing print models that have the best pictures and the best digitals as well. Yes, they book brand new faces, but they are choosing the brand new faces with a plethora of great shots in their portfolio and a series of great digital snapshots that prove to them that the model can move well on camera and deliver 90-100% usable shots from a roll of film.

     Remember, we want you to work as much as you want to work. We can get you in front of the clients, you have to prove to the client that you can do the job. Your marketing materials are the tools that you use to prove it... so make sure yours ROCK!

IMTA in NY & LA! LA actor's Showcase!
European Model Showcase!

 The Rock Agency just returned from NY with 50 awards, $20,000 in scholarships for a prestigious acting program in NY and  100 call-backs!
Outstanding for 6 people!

We are now searching for our next group of talented models, actors, singers and dancers who are interested in taking their careers to the next level. If you are interested in finding out more about international opportunities call TODAY.


Adrian and Ashley are on their way to Barcelona! Ashley will be headed to Turkey after that!
Grace just appeared in Glamour magazine AND then got amazing reviews from readers the next month!
Elayne just returned from a successful summer in Barcelona and Hamburg and is now headed to NYC!
Julianna just arrived in Osaka after a successful contract in Tokyo!
Callie just arrived in LA to continue her great modeling/singing/acting career!


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