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Photomovement ability is the single
most talked about modeling trait
amongst catalog as well as commercial
photographers. Our clients consistently
re-book models and actors that move
fluidly in front of the camera.
It is their number one source of praise or
complaint when discussing
how a booking went. If you
want to be booked and
re-booked more often,
this seminar is for you.

Owner of Pentaudi Model Services Inc. ,
author of
James is considered one of the nation’s top
teachers of the modeling business.  A former
model and agent, he’s conduction seminars all
over the US as well as Australia, Russia, and
Canada and has been featured speaker at
several of the largest model and actor conventions in North America.  Currently he resides in NY.
MONDAY April 12, 2010 5-9 pm
Cost $125
Call The Rock Agency to reserve your spot...

“This is just to reiterate that I highly recommend James Pentaudi Model Services. In Late October, James arrived hereto research the Australian market, and in December we had him present three Photography seminars. These seminars were initially directed at new, young models (male & female) but the success of the first one prompted us to publicize them more widely, and several of the more experienced models took them. THE RESULTS WERE MARVELOUS FOR ALL. The Difference between ‘before’ and ‘after’ seminars is clearly visible in our models’ photographs. The models perform far better and feel much more confident in their abilities because they know and understand exactly what is required of them and how to provide it. They learn in
one intensive day what usually takes months of trial and error to achieve. We have been complimented by test photographers and clients alike on the fluidity of the models’ movement, their versatility and their adaptability to direction.” ----Georgia Douglas, Gordon Charles Model Management/Sydney Australia
“Your class made all the difference. My photoshoot was so much more fun, knowing exactly what I wanted to do and how to do it. All the skills I learned in your class will certainly translate into more work in Tokyo when I get there next month. Thank you so much.”---Mallory, IMTA Model of the Year “05.
“Dear James, I loved your book! There is so much useful information that is key for someone new to the industry like myself. Thank you so much for the class as well. It filled me with the confidence I need to say, ‘Showtime! I can do this!’ The class really prepared me for my comp card and photoshoot. The photographer kept commenting on how smooth and natural I look in front of the camera. I used the grid and the levels mentally and was able to get really great shots. I hope to work with you again. You are a great teacher! Thanks a bunch!” ----Sarah Tyler, model NEMG, Manchester NH. 
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