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News - May 6, 2011


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Have you met Jody Reiss?

Jody Reiss is a professional actress and acting teacher here at The Rock Agency.  Jody went to NYU and studied acting at Circle in the Square Theater School. She worked professionally in NYC, mostly with an improvisational, experimental, innovative theater company for many years before moving to Madison. She's toured Russia in "Uncle Vanya" and toured all around the East Coast performing and doing artists' in residencie's programs. 



If you haven't noticed, The Midwest is an extremely commercial and extremely competitive market...

We are submitting our actors daily to local, regional and national clients. And even our print clients are looking past all your pretty faces in search of experience and bravery.  This can be an exciting career, and can open many doors and an exciting future. Models, Actors and Actresses are not always born, they usually have ample training and guidance along their careers. So, if you want to stand out amongst the crowd, train. Your acting muscles should be flexed regularly...get yourself into an acting class today! And stay there! Our most successful actors (the ones who are making a living at it) are enrolled in regular acting classes... weekly, bi-weekly or at a minimum monthly workshops. And they have remained enrolled in those classes throughout their careers.

It is in acting classes where you have the ability to master your own personal  skills and the techniques to make you the best you can be. This kind of in-depth exploration of your own strengths and weaknesses is not possible in a rehearsal setting or on the set. With whatever technique and acting coach you do end up choosing, remember that you need a technique that will allow you to be truthful and emotionally alive. Just remember, clients are not on the set to coach actors through their lines - that would be a waste of their time. They expect you to be ready to act and if your not, then you may never work for them again. The acting industry is cut throat and there is always someone waiting to take an open opportunity. Donít let them take your opportunity because you werenít prepared.

There are many opportunities for training in The Midwest. Find a place you like and enroll today. And when you do, be sure to let us know what you are up to...send us an updated resume so we can let our clients know too!

For more information about training with Jody Reiss, call 608-238-6372.



Annette is headed off to work in Osaka.
Raquel negotiated a 60 day contract for her to work with ZEM, one of the best agencies in Japan.


Julianna returns this week from Miami.
Raquel negotiated a contract for her to work  with Wilhelmina while she was there.



Keith is currently in Milan working
with 2morrow! Raquel is currently in negotiations with agencies in Shanghai.
Keith hopes to travel directly from Milan to a 60 day contract to work in China.

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